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Impact of Traffic Management on Urban Routing

City logistics aims at fulfilling efficient deliveries in urban areas under consideration of traffic conditions and economics. The varying city traffic is a major uncertainty factor in the planning of city logistic service provider. A cooperation with local traffic management could reduce the uncertainty for planning through traffic information for a more effective delivery concept.

This project develops a framework for an integrated delivery concept through a cooperation between city logistic service provider and traffic management. Methodological this work aims at improving dynamic stochastic optimization and heuristic models for the vehicle routing problem.

Student Research Projects


Stochastic dynamic routing: Adaption of a minmax heuristic (Tobias Gierling)


Entwicklung und Analyse einer Schnittstelle zwischen einem ERP System und einem Steuerungsprogramm am Beispiel ... (Maksim Rudoj)

Emissionsminimierung im Vehicle Routing (Lorenz Aschmis)

Vehicle routing in city logistics – Detailed intersection control information for routing applications (Luis Fernando
De la Mora Rivera)

City Logistik unter der Berücksichtigung von Liefergebieten und variablem Stadtverkehr (Hermann Braun)