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Urban Aerial Cable Cars as Supplement to Public Transport

Urban transport systems face significant challenges due to the overall growth of the world's population and urbanization. Therefore, a rethinking of transport planning must be undertaken in the short term, further developing conventional transport systems and complementing new ones. One solution to this challenge is to leave the already severely saturated land use and move to the third dimension. Due to this, ideas for urban air mobility, which in the long term can serve as a relief for existing surface traffic systems, are emerging continuously. However, given the rapid pace of urbanization and transport modes already at capacity, reliable complements that can be implemented in the short term are needed. For this purpose, urban aerial cable cars can be a useful supplement in certain transport relations.

The research aims to shed light on gaps concerning the role of aerial cable cars' transport and urban design function. The part of transport research examines the constraints of integrating cable cars into conventional transport networks, as the limits to their performance in multimodal systems remain mostly unexplored to this day. On the other hand, urban design studies research how spatial integration can be achieved within existing building development structures.

Finally, the work is going to clarify which transport role aerial cable cars can fulfill in established urban structures to fulfill mobility functions in certain transport relations.

Forscher: Morten Fleßer